Butterfly Factory

Richly flavoured, savoury milk with 
density and texture that is remarkable

Butterfly Factory

Butterfly Factory was the name my little daughter handed me for our then embryonic dairy business. It was what she called the handsome old and now disused butter factories that dot the landscape in Gippsland.

Perhaps one day such a building will house our business but for now we lease a small factory in Warragul, Victoria.

Our milk is sourced in small volumes from dairy farmer, Rob Monk at Poowong East. His dual-purpose breed Fleckvieh cows are milked once a day and fed no grain nor silage. They eat exclusively from this farm’s pastures, fresh grass & hay, to which no superphosphate, potassium or sodium is applied. No feed is brought in. This is richly flavoured, savoury milk with a density and texture that is remarkable today.

In order to preserve its qualities, we do not homogenise the milk but batch pasteurise and bottle by gravity without the use of pumps. We wash and re-use glass jars for the yoghurt, which is pot set, cream at the top. Only cultures are added.

While milk and yoghurt are important, the ultimate goal for Monk’s milk is to make cheese from it. We’re slowly gathering our resources and refining our process so as to be able to bring this about in the coming months.

Thank you for your interest in our products.
Rachel & Bill

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