Cape Liptrap Grass-fed Meat

Cape Liptrap Grass-Fed Meat

Southdown sheep are a meat sheep with flavour. 

They are a British heritage sheep and used in breeding the famous New Zealand Canterbury lamb.

Southdown is all about great taste and flavour and produce a marbled meat. 

These FarmerDC Southdown are sourced from Cape Liptrap in South Gippsland, a beautiful coastal area on Bass Strait between Phillip Island and Wilson’s Promontory.

This small family farm of 50 years rich with native vegetation, gullies and wildlife, enjoying unpolluted ocean air and high rainfall provides lambs that are gently handled and cared for. Ethically farmed, they are free from antibiotics and growth hormones and are stress free to graze on lush pasture.

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Cape Liptrap Grass-Fed Meat

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