Flock Stock & Basil

Regeneratively farmed & ethically raised

Flock Stock & Basil

Flock Stock & Basil is a family-run farm growing vegetables and other produce in the Tarwin Valley region of South Gippsland. Their produce is grown without chemicals, using natural, regenerative methods and hand tools.

They started the farm because they are passionate about eating fresh, healthy, and ethical food, and want to share that passion with the local community. They  believe that the small farm model should be embraced more widely. Through their website and social media they have shared a farming journey as a way of not only being transparent with customers, but to encourage others who may be thinking of starting a small farming enterprise from scratch.

If you're concerned about the sustainability of our food systems, we share your concern.

If you want to eat meat but only if you know where it's come from and that it was produced ethically, we're with you on that.

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