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Gippsland Pastured is a small, first generation family farm in Winnindoo, run by Felicity and Greg.

It was always Greg's dream to be a farmer so about 12 years ago the family moved from the city to the country; purchased a neglected 250 acre property and set about converting the farm based on our regenerative beliefs and values. This led to big changes, from creating smaller paddocks, lane ways and shelterbelts to fencing off the 200 year old remnant gum trees. We also planted a third of the property to 25,000 native trees and shrubs; which created habitat, wildlife corridors, windbreaks and shade.

Our Produce

Eggs were introduced into our farming system in 2015. The hens have their own custom moving caravans which provides a place to roost and lay eggs as well as a clever way of fertilising the pasture. The hens are free to roam on pasture all day, every day and are not de-beaked; they get to engage in natural behaviours such as foraging, scratching, dust bathing and eating bugs. We don't wash our eggs in chemicals because they are naturally cleaner through our management however you will notice the odd mark or two. All our eggs come from our farm and our stocking density is 200 hens/ha.

What is important to us

  • My Farm
  • Pasture and Crop Health
  • Animal Health
  • Soil Health
  • Low Chemical Input
  • Grass Fed
  • Flavour of your Food

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