Isola Chianina

A table meat, from a herd bred
in South Gippsland, Victoria, 
presenting just as it was traditionally
meant to taste.

Isola Chianina

Beef with Flavour, grass fed and chemical free grown at Glen Alvie in the rich and rolling green hills of South Gippsland.

Growing one of the world’s oldest and largest cattle breeds, the majestic, porcelain-white Chianina (pronounced key-a-knee-na), which take their name from the Val de Chiana, a central Italian valley region near Arezzo and Siena in Tuscany.

Isola Chianina believe that great tasting meat is the product of animals that are traditionally reared and cared for, ethically raised and killed with respect. They carry this through to their butchering and production also; drawing on time-honoured methods, hanging and dry-aging carcasses, to enrich the natural flavour profile.

The Chianina Breed is renowned for beef which is lean, dark red in colour, and retains a marbling of fat among the muscling. Most importantly Chianina beef is very tasty and tender.

Isola farm has a great clean environment with high rainfall producing rich and varied pasture. All cattle are grass fed, the cattle grow slower but this leads to beef with more flavour.


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