Moondarra Wines and wagyu beef

Grown at 450 metres altitude in the foothills of Gippsland's Mount Baw Baw

Moondarra Wines & Wagyu Beef

Situated in the foothills of Mt Baw Baw, in the Gippsland wine region of Victoria, Moondarra comprises vineyards of grassroots viticulture, exceptional terroir, and making ‘in our opinion’ some of the best wine in the country. Moondarra sits about 450 metres above sea level, on the south side of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range. Mount Baw Baw, Mount St Gwinear and Mount Erica all provide ample protection from Victoria’s nasty summer northerly winds. We are far enough to the east to get the gentle summer and autumn easterly breezes that roll down from the New South Wales cost, allowing for ideal ripening conditions throughout autumn. We planted our first Pinot Noir in 1991. The deep, red volcanic ‘spud’ soils are rich in iron and other minerals, giving our wines a ‘robustness’ of flavour and colour. We’ve never irrigated, nor have we used fertilisers and have always maintained ‘naturalist’ and ‘biodynamic’ principles since our inception. 

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