Prom Country Cheese

Distinctive regional cheeses
handmade on the family farm from
the pure fresh milk of their own ewes

Prom Country Cheese

Prom Country Cheese is owned and run by the Brandon family from their fertile farm in the beautiful hills of South Gippsland. The focus is producing sheep milk for cheesemaking in the small cheese rooms in the paddock above the dairy. The family are involved in the entire process from growing the pastures, to breeding and milking, handcrafting the cheese, then proudly presenting the final products to you.

Burke Brandon is a second generation cheese maker, learning the craft from father Trevor after a career in farming. With a keen interest in biology, knowing how nature works in the paddock proved the perfect grounding for understanding how cultures grow in a living cheese.  He has Cheesemaking experience in France, Italy and the UK.

The Brandon family strive to create traditional cheeses with pure and natural ingredients. Their recipes are simple but cultures are selected and nurtured to achieve unique and complex flavours, delightful textures and the wholesomeness of real food.


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