Warby Range Citrus

Warby Range Citrus

Caroline and James operate a family farm producing citrus, distributed commercially, and to the local area.


“As the farmer eats it”

The first citrus was planted in the Wangaratta area over 100 years ago. Besides hand watering during droughts and of young trees, irrigation was and is not generally used. This lack of irrigation leads to intense flavour not seen in the citrus found in supermarket fruit from the irrigation areas. This area has been overtaken by the huge irrigation areas, however in the longer term ever expanding irrigation is not sustainable, making this district desirable for citrus in the long term. Recently survival irrigation has been initiated.

Flavour is further enhanced together with purity of the fruit compared to supermarket fruit, by lack of:

  • Fertilizers

  • Sprays – insecticidal agents

    • -  antifungal agents

    • -  stop drop hormones

  • Wax addition to skin

  • Antifungal preservative in the wax

  • Oven heating to dry the wax

  • Squeezing into a box

Fruit will retain their fresh appearance longer in the refrigerator but improves in flavour (particularly Valencias and grapefruit) in a cool place. The skin may soften but the flavour can be retained and improved for 2 – 6 weeks (Note: In 2008 navels were kept 3 months retaining good flavour). The fruit should be emptied into a box upon receipt and checked each week or so to detect any bad fruit resulting from damage on the way direct from the tree to you.

Whilst frequently washed by rain some dust is retained on the fruit, thus like processed fresh fruit they should be washed. Skin can be used without fear of wax, antifungal or hormonal agents.

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